6/30-july 2: quito ziegler

6.30-7.1, 7.2: Quito Ziegler & Friends ~ an evening of film, music and dance

featuring new work from the collaborators on the film, including:
– the rough cut of THE DREAM OF WILD PONIES DANCING, a new super-8 film by Quito Ziegler
– an acoustic set by CRISTY ROAD of the Homewreckers (Thursday & Friday)
– a new dance piece by LITTLE WINGS/Zachary Wager Scholl (Friday & Saturday)
– a new 16mm film by MEGAN HESSENTHALER
– an acoustic set by PRINCESS TINY & THE MEATS
plus: dual slideshows of photographs by NOGGA SCHWARTZ and QUITO ZIEGLER

Feature presentation: The Dream of Wild Ponies Dancing

“The Dream of Wild Ponies Dancing” documents the wild unicorns and glitterponies of the night in their natural habitat.  In the quiet deep green of a midnight forest, five wild ponies recognize each other as kin and develop a sense of connection and family.  Half human, all beast, the ponies run free on a spiritual adventure of ritual fire and dance, collapsing together on a deserted beach as dawn breaks.  The story is captured in super-grainy black and white film, presented in a narrative sequence, and projected with live music score.

Little Wings (Zachary Wager Scholl)
Tobi Haberstroh
Ian Kowaleski
Melanie Levy Rainbow

Original Score: Princess Tiny & the Meats
Director of Photography & Editing: Megan Hessenthaler
Lighting & Logistics: Nogga Schwartz
Sound & Logistics: Turtle Garaufis
Costume Production: Nicole Ayla Myles
Costume Advisors: Blaise & Daniel Lang/Levitsky