july 7-9: heather acs

Heather Ács ~ this is what we have…

Sometimes what we have is not enough. Sometimes what we have is far too much… Solo performance artist Heather Acs will create something out of nothing to bring you an astronomical evening of storytelling, music, magic, and theatre that needs no stage.

You don’t need to be famous, you don’t need to be rich, dreamin’ is free. Enjoy an intergalactic exploration of adventures, interconnectivity & the story of stardust. Sometimes what we have, is just right.

Heather can be found online at heatheracs.com, and her bio is here, PLUS this weekend’s events features two collaborators, Jazzmen Lee-Johnson on Thursday and Saturday, and Geppetta on Friday and Saturday

Jazzmen Lee-Johnson is a visual artist, filmmaker, designer, dancer, MC, musician and activist. Upon graduation from Rhode Island School of Design, she traveled internationally to study the “politics of performance” as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow. Her award winning films and animations, such as Beat Back Bush; Songs from The Haven of Despair; Black, White, Whatever; and Soundcheck have been exhibited on every continent except Antartica. Recently Jazzmen has lived and worked between New York and Johannesburg, South Africa, collaborating with artists, musicians, and media professionals on both sides of the Atlantic in a multi-media project and performance tour called Folk Told Me. Jazzmen works with people of all ages wherever folks happen to be, from prisons, schools, and churches to villages and city streets, utilizing art as a tool for social change.

photo by wren warner

Geppetta is a multimedia fabulist, puppeteer, musician and art educator. She presents fairy tales and fables of a darker whimsy crafted from found objects and nostalgic ardor. She has been featured with the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, Puppet Uprising, and Fresh Meat Productions, among other groups, and has facilitated workshops on gender, art, and activism at colleges and universities around the country. Find her online at stitchingtentacles.com