fame and shame July ’11

Posters by Cristy Road

June 30-July 2: Quito Ziegler & friends

July 7-9: Heather Acs, “This is What We Have”

July 14-16: Justin Sayre, “The Gorgon Approaches”

July 21-23: Ariel Speedwagon, “This is How the World Ends”

July 28-30: Princess Tiny & The Meats, with costumes by Blaise

fame and shame in the lower east side was a month-long series of five different weekend-long collaborative performances running Thursday-Saturday every weekend in july 2011 in in the Lower East Side of new york city.

thursday and friday, shows are at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center,
107 Suffolk Street New York, NY. $5.

saturday shows are in the Le Petit Versailles Garden, at 346 East Houston St., NY, NY (at Avenue C). Free with RSVP, but there is very limited seating.

bios of all the artists are on the department page.

addresses, maps and accessibility info are on the venues page.

check out the calendar for details of when, where and who.

rsvp for the saturday performances in the le petit versailles garden.

contact us: dot at departmentoftransformation.org