avant-garde agreement

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Points Unity, as an Avant-Garde Agreement

The name of our series and Mission Statement in popcorn, poem form.

Connecting the Dots of the Queer Diaspora

Dazziling display of magical manhattan
Out of the Kiki box, Back to the Realness
Summer Starlight / Starlight Summer
Summer of Stardust/Stardust Summer
Sky Nebula
The Age of….
a constellation is a network of interstellar beings

summertime constellation
celestial sphere
Celestial Summer
Celestial Season
art made decadently for our people
top of the line
best queer geniuses around [[take out!] naked interns][silver shorts’ interns good too] tiny-clothing optional helpers.

enforced dress code for performances
summer celestial bests
personal best
celezzztial nights, our celezztial season

Andromeda, Orion,
stellar remnants

midsummer inter/stellar intrasteller

inter/stellar summer

homostellar garden nights
[too much like famous, fetlife celebrity. The celesbians and the homostars? no. they should all be field teams.

interstellar decadence?

a midsummer night’s queen

starship queer
active galactic [fantastic!]
stellar galactic


midsummer opulence,
6th dimension

bounty ampleness extravgant

interstellar garden nights

constellation/ garden nights

garden extravaganza

interstellar extravagarden!

chariot tower

“tower garden nights”

titles: conductor

fame and shame in the garden [[AA!!]]

fairy forest
nighttime sky
english seaside
post apocalyptic
halloween in july