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Published by admin on December 14th, 2011

These are photos from the closing party of the Mixploratorium at the La Mama Galleria on Dec 2, 2011.

Thanks to Ricardo Nelson for such beautiful photo work!

MIXploratorium Closing Party! Fri Dec 2, 5-11p @ La Mama Galleria

Published by admin on November 29th, 2011

This Friday December 2nd, please join us at La Mama Galleria for an evening of installation, visual, and performance art to close the MIXploratorium!

The gallery will be open all afternoon, tea & cookies served at 5p, and live work starts at 8p, including video of annual riotous protests and DJed soundscapes, hirsuite interventions in effeminate space, body liberation, contemporary queens and historical queer lives remembered.

This event is a collaboration between MIX NYC QUEER EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL [] and THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSFORMATION Queer Arts Collective [], with thanks to Allied Productions and the many other artists and arts organizations who have participated!, and to Matthew Breau for making the poster!

TIME:  5:00 — 7:30: Tea & Cookies // 8:00 – 11:00 Installation & performance art***
LOCATION: La Mama Galleria, 6 E 1st Ave, Between Ave 2 and Bowery.
ACCESSIBILTY: La Mama Galleria is wheelchair accessible; this event is all-ages.
$$: 5-10 / no one turned away


11/22 8-10p: Queer Storytelling Fantastique

Published by admin on November 18th, 2011

8-10pm: Storytelling Fantastique

Featuring Tigerlad, Polyester, Apocalypse, Sci-Fi & Glitter! Experience a night of experimental queer storytelling.

“Tigerlad was just a lad. Tigerlad was just a tiger…” begins featured performer NCN’s perverse tale of wanderlust, presented at 9pm.

Cozy up to experience glitter realness with Glenn Marla, peak-oil polyester fetishists with Damien Luxe, lesbian fantastic apocalypse with Ariel Speedwagon, and sci-fi with Victor Tobar. And, come early because from 6-8p is the opening party for the MIXploratorium visual art installation!


MIXploratorium Visual Art: Nov 16 – Dec 3

Published by admin on November 18th, 2011


At La Mama Galleria  6 East 1st Street

INSTALLATION LAB Running Nov. 16th  through  Nov. 22nd, 2011


Installation runs from Nov. 22nd through Dec 3rd, 2011


Visual Artists, Peter Cramer, Cristy C. Road, Gabriel DeFazio, Avory Agony, Quito Ziegler, Serichai Traipoom,  and Larry Shea

These artists will take up residency at La Mama Galleria for a week, creating installations involving drawings from the most anticipated tarot deck of our generation, New Yorker covers that parallel the progress of one artist’s journey with HIV, intergalactic cushions shaping distant lounging spaces, a zine library years in the hoarding, found objects from the Rockaways sculpted into an object of personal hope, a short inspired by a visit to a witch in the Bronx, community, wild ponies, and fresh hot cookies.  Together we celebrate the rigor of things that have been with us for years and things lasting no more than a day.  The collective goal is to create a welcoming, otherworldly nest in the heart of downtown, then invite performing artists such as Damien Luxe, Heather Acs, Louie Chavez, Jennifer Blowdryer, Stephen Boyer, and Roo Kahn, and other exhibitionists for noise-making, readings, performance, vegan suppers, and terribly glamorous, yet extraordinarily low-key, parties. MIXploratorium is eager to transform a silent void into a raucous space of reflection and connection; anger and enlightenment.

MIXploratorium is an extension of MIX 24: The 24th MIX New York Queer Experimental Film Festival.  Since 1987, MIX NYC has presented the latest in queer experimental film and previously unseen works from legendary figures in avant-garde cinema. In addition to our vanguard screenings, exciting interactive installations, and infamous parties, MIX NYC also provides year-round community screenings, a summer media workshop for queer youth, film preservation projects, and the groundbreaking ACT UP Oral History Project, documenting how collective action transformed AIDS activism, queer identity and health care in America. MIXploratorium is an idea lab for artists and performers in the MIX orbit.

Announcing MIXploratorium Nov 22-Dec 2!

Published by admin on November 7th, 2011

This Fall, join the Department and the MIX New York Experimental Queer Film Festival and Allied Productions — as we bring you two weeks of visual and performing art at the La MaMa Galleria.

Working as a cyborg sibling to the MIX festival, the Department of Transformation continues our tradition of queering experimentalization, offering you both an installation of vidusal art and performances that include fantastical storytelling, works-in-progress, films from our queerstory, participatory hair-art, Dr.Suess, a ThanksVegan feast, and a salon right out of Brooklyn.

We’re also pleased to announce our list of artists: The full lineup is here. A convenient calendar is here.

fame and shame, a fairy tale

Published by artist on July 25th, 2011

Posters by Cristy Road

Once upon a time there was a secret garden in the Lower East Side. Although it was located on a very busy street, the gate wasn’t visible until you knew to look for it.

Inside the garden were climbing plants and fireflies surrounding a tiny stage, and every Saturday night in July the most fabulous performances would appear on it. Tales of stardust and luminescent shopping carts, Southern gothic dramas with cameos by Ava Gardner, emo crooning like balm on a deep wound, wild ponies dancing as if in a sweltering dream, falling pianos and the end of the world.

Hippie punks and radical faeries and drag queens in street clothes huddled close on wooden benches under the stars. Cardboard set pieces were illuminated by clip lights and taped-down electrical cords. Bug spray and watermelon juice made sweaty tattooed limbs even stickier. The only way to truly get clean was to pile into the Trojan Pony, an unmarked van with 17 secret saddles, and gallop down to the Rockaways for a moonlight swim after the show.

This summer we have been living in a fairy tale. Every Tuesday night, the collective of artists and dreamers known as the Department of Transformation gathers on the wraparound porch of an oddly preserved mansion in Flatbush, and together we plan the next installment of Fame and Shame in the Lower East Side.

On Thursdays and Fridays we perform in a lovely theater with proper seats and a delightfully painted proscenium, and Saturday nights we move to the garden’s stage. Three nights of decadent performances by some of Brooklyn’s most talented queer artists, supported by a stellar team of technical advisors, production designers, and some of the sweetest volunteers you’ve ever met. We hope to continue finding outlets for these talented friends to continue bringing their gifts to audiences.

We hope you can join us for the last two weeks of the series, which will feature a gothic fairy tale song cycle by Princess Tiny & the Meats, and a collection of sacred battle drag looks by Blaise.

All of this work is very fresh, very queer, and absolutely enchanting. We do hope you can share it with us. Please RSVP for the Saturday night garden performances – they have been selling out. Though: the Thursday/Friday theater shows are also quite lovely, and we usually go to the beach afterwards!

FINAL WEEKEND! PTM & Blaise get dramatic.

Published by admin on July 25th, 2011

For the last weekend of the fame and shame in the lower east side series, join musician Princess Tiny and the Meats, and fashion designer Blaise for a decadent event that will expose your heart and your desire…full info on the show is here. Venue info is here, and RSVP for Saturday here–quick because these shows have been selling out!

Interview with Ariel “Speedwagon” Federow

Published by admin on July 12th, 2011
Sarah Jenny speaks with Ariel Federow about her upcoming performances July 21-23: details here.
SJ: Hi Ariel, I am really excited to interview you about your upcoming performance for Fame & Shame on the Lower East Side. Can you tell me a little bit about the piece?
Ariel: Totally! This is a work in progress showing of a larger piece I am working on about the ways in which we are vulnerable – all of the ways that things could go terribly wrong and why it is that they don’t. It’s a performance work that uses slapstick and clowning to open up these big questions – how do we make sense of a world of natural disasters, apocalyptic threats, and random death? And, really, how can we not, given that this is the world we live in?
SJ: How did you come to create this piece? What inspired it?
Ariel: You know, when I was 20 I had my first apartment in Seattle, all on my own, a seedy little ground-floor one-bedroom in the really, for real, uncool part of town I could afford.

The Gorgon Approaches on July 14th!

Published by admin on July 6th, 2011

The middle of the month hasn’t EVER seen ANYTHING this good…until now.

Full info on the artist Justin Sayre here || Info on the show here.

Opening Night at CSV

Published by admin on July 1st, 2011

The projectors hum, the screens vibrate, the yellow, red and purple of the theatre swelter creativity and excitement as the first group of family and strangers gather for the ritual that is is live performance. It has started!!