MIXploratorium Closing Party! Fri Dec 2, 5-11p @ La Mama Galleria

Published by admin on November 29th, 2011

This Friday December 2nd, please join us at La Mama Galleria for an evening of installation, visual, and performance art to close the MIXploratorium!

The gallery will be open all afternoon, tea & cookies served at 5p, and live work starts at 8p, including video of annual riotous protests and DJed soundscapes, hirsuite interventions in effeminate space, body liberation, contemporary queens and historical queer lives remembered.

This event is a collaboration between MIX NYC QUEER EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL [www.mixnyc.org] and THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSFORMATION Queer Arts Collective [www.departmentoftransformation.org], with thanks to Allied Productions and the many other artists and arts organizations who have participated!, and to Matthew Breau for making the poster!

TIME:  5:00 — 7:30: Tea & Cookies // 8:00 – 11:00 Installation & performance art***
LOCATION: La Mama Galleria, 6 E 1st Ave, Between Ave 2 and Bowery.
ACCESSIBILTY: La Mama Galleria is wheelchair accessible; this event is all-ages.
$$: 5-10 / no one turned away
FB: http://www.facebook.com/events/185314591560556/


5pm–tea and cookies

Drop by early for refreshments, hang out with the artists, a visit to the zine library and the last viewing of the visual art by Peter Cramer, Cristy C. Road, Gabriel DeFazio, Avory Agony, Quito Ziegler, Larry Shea, Serichai Traipoom in a relaxed atmosphere before things get busy.


8pm–video installation by Serichai Traipoom, cocktails, and video screening followed by DJ set by Adam Crail

Serichai Traipoom is a digital video artist and photographer based in NYC’s East Village.  His commercial portfolio includes work for clients such as: Collette Ishiyama, Arrojo Studio, The Ace Hotel, NPR: The Green Space and The New School.  His recent personal works focus on the themes of bondage, suspension and tension.  He uses arresting imagery, as well as his affinity for aesthetics, to transform space – cultivating video pieces into installations.  The overall effect is transportive, bringing the viewer into the piece as an active participant.  His piece, Learning to Stand, is currently on display at La Mama Galleria.  He will be exhibiting his first solo show in January at Casa Mescal, followed by a collaboration with Collette Ishiyama in February at End of Century. The piece is titled, “It Only Took a Riot” and is in collaboration with Adam Crail.

8:30–performance installation: The Bearded Lady, the Bald, and the Blonde
by Heather Acs, Damien Luxe & Najva Sol

Damien Luxe and Heather Ács from the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow with ladybeast collaborator Najva Sol of Lowbrow Society for the Arts stage a participatory hirsuite intervention at the gallery. Over the evening a performance emerges that shows up in the most visible of places and just keeps growing. Blonde jokes, razors, and tweezers play with  questions about femme/inine bodies, intelligence, radical politics, and class.

HEATHER ÁCS is a Brooklyn-based, multi-media theatre performance artist, activist, educator and high-femme troublemaker. Her gritty, glittery work has been featured in festivals, theatres, and galleries across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She performs and facilitates workshops at community spaces, colleges and conferences from coast to coast. Heather has worked with Justin Bond, Claude Michelle-Wampler, J. Ed Araiza of the SITI Company, and filmmaker, Steven Soderbergh. She is the Co-Producer of the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, a touring, performance-art cabaret of flashy, queer femme performers. She is also a dedicated teaching artist, using theatre as a tool for social change with low-income youth. http://www.heatheracs.com

DAMIEN LUXE is a Brooklyn-based artist and organizer. She is a repatriated expat by way of Toronto, DIY tech geek, and working-class gone hustling-class queer femme fatale media maker. She loves anything on wheels and rhinestones.Damien has worked in independent print, web, theater and audio production for 10 years, and is committed to creating fabulous and accessible representations of the diverse communities she embodies and allies with, and to skill-sharing low/no-cost production techniques with others.D’Luxe as an artist has been curated & performed all over North America, and most recently has produced the Hot Pink Mass and Femmes Fight Back installation and the the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow. Her art website is axondluxe.com and her blog is femmetech.org.

NAJVA SOL is a vagabond artist of all trades. Among her inspirations are glitter, adventure, scandal, smut, and her grandmother. At different times, she has been: a go-go dancer, a burlesque performer,  a photographer, an aritst in residence, an MFA dropout, published, a chapbook maker, a creep, a panelist, a grantee, poet, in love, jaded, politically incorrect, and full of longing. She is a co-founder of Lowbrow Society for the Arts, and sometimes if, you ask nicely, she will take on marketing your small business. Her web presence hub is: Najvasol.wordpress.com.



Carl Van Vechten – Daniel Lang/Levitsky
Fashionable Places out of Season (Libertas Sine Labore / Amica Non Serva)

A projection performance of images from the queer scrapbooks of Carl Van Vechten, accompaniedby a spoken word cantata drawn from his novels, daybooks, and encyclopedic book on cats.  Van Vechten, a ubiquitous figure of modernist New York, from concert halls and bohemian cocktail parties to Harlem dives and ‘buffet flats’, is now barely remembered.  This performance is part of an ongoing project exploring the 18 volumes of scrapbooks in which Van Vechten compiled and collaged fifty years of queer and trans material, from commercial porn to tabloid articles to ephemera of all kinds.

Daniel Lang/Levitsky is a puppeteer, designer and aspiring rabble-rouser based in New York City.  Can’t stop picking things up on the street and making other things out of them – outfits, collectives, cabarets, barricades, meals…  Never figured out how to make art for art’s sake; rarely wants to work alone.  Just another oysterlisher gendertreyf apikoyrus mischling fem who gets off on long strings of identity terms, especially af yidish.Began performing with objects and movement in the mid-1990s at the Bread & Puppet Theater and (with the mentorship of Great Small Works, Circus Amok, and others) hasn’t been able to stop since.  Treasured recent collaborators have included Jenny Romaine, Killer Sideburns, J Dellecave, Niknaz Tavakolian, Dorian Wood, Leah Harmon, Patty Farrell, Abigail Levine, Abigail Miller, and Nina Calloway.Current projects include street performances of The Murder of DeFarra ‘Dean’ Gaymon as Told to His Killer’s Boss; work with the Aftselokhis Ladies Auxiliary Spectacle Committee; a Brooklyn Living Rooms tour of do not spare; inventing Foretopman, or, HMS Handsome Pinafore, or, The Buggers’ Opera, or, The Last that Loved a Sailor, or, Hardly Ever; and dancing with the Rude Mechanical Orchestra’s Tactical Spectacle.For this one, thanks to: the glitters (once and future and l.aux), le petit versailles’ founders and gardeners (and the rest of the LES survivors!), the queens of greater homo holler, and the whole queer squatter summerstock gang.  dos gezunt iz in dir  /  la salute è in voi.

Alejandro Rodrigez, selection from The Brown Queen

Alejandro Rodríguez presents a selection from The Brown Queen, the story of a gay Chicano born in El Paso, Texas. Spent some of his childhood in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, moved to Sioux City, Iowa, and eventually turned New York City into his kingdom. Incorporating music and memories, the Brown Queen is reminiscent of his experiences with music during childhood.

The narrative takes us from listening to Diana Ross with virgin ears in the Brown
Queen’s early upbringing to the current drug war between the Sinaloa cartel and Juarez
cartel: a fight that has killed more than 5,000 people since 2008, making Ciudad Juarez
one of the deadliest cities in the world. The story follows the Brown Queen to his
present status as a young adult, fabulous and living in New York City. All will be told in a performance of growth, endeavor, and entertainment.

Hana Malia and Glenn Marla, selection from My Wife’s Ass

My Wife’s Ass is a live performance experience in progress, employing storytelling, audience participation, and provocative multi-media. Featuring Glenn Marla and His Wife’s Ass, this piece calls into question our agency over and fear of the fat queer body through invocation of the “headless fatty,” unabashed consumption, “fat panic,” and the back-lash toward gender non-conformance and its insistence on taking up space. By theatrically pairing two bodies that exhibit common “morbidity” and rendering one a voiceless fat frame, we are able to illuminate how the “war on obesity” is experienced at street level, and examine the public silencing and violence toward our fat as well as our choice to embrace ourselves and each other in our full size. http://mywifesass.org/

*****ps Ruckus, a queer and trans POC reading is happening at 7pm at Bluestockings this night. We encourage you to go there too (and to buy books)! We scheduled the installation and performances so you can do it all, friends!

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